About Us

About the Company

Leviathan Energy was formed in 2008 in Israel and reincorporated as Leviathan Energy LLC in the US in 2013 in order to expand in the world’s largest market.

Our Team

Dr. Daniel Farb
Founder and CEO. Multidisciplinary high achiever who had the vision for most of the technologies and has other skills to bring them to fruition. Has 3 degrees: Literature from Yale, where he set an academic record at Yale for taking twice the ordinary load in one semester and receiving all As in both science and humanities. Medical degree from Boston University. Executive Management from UCLA Anderson School. He ran a medical practice with over 100 contracts and a software company that sold to companies like BristolMyers Squibb. Author of over 100 books and CDs and over 30 patents.

Moshe Rosenfeld
Part-time because his main job is Professor of Engineering at Tel Aviv University. A world expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Wrote over 100 articles. Consults for NASA. Guest professor at Caltech.

Arie Brish
An experienced executive at Motorola who has moved into clean technology.


Pioneer Valley Renewables hydrokinetic energy


Joe Giffune, Director of Manufacturing
He has a unique combination of an engineering degree, an MBA, and ownership of a machining shop.

Ed Day, Project and Grant Manager for PVR
Extensive background in engineering and project management, particularly government contracts.

Anurag Purwar

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stony Brook University, expert in robotics