One of the general themes underlying our technologies is creating conditions and geometries that improve substantially how the flow hits the turbines. We make heavy use of the field called Computational Fluid Dynamics, and many of the patents are based on that technology. A specific formula is key to many of the inventions. Power in watts is proportional to the velocity cubed. By making improvements in the effective velocity at the blades, we have impressive increases in performance that are ready to open new opportunities worldwide for cleaner energy.

Here is an illustration of the concept:
  • The idea is structuring the flow better
    using the science of fluid dynamics.
  • Velocity is key and exponential. If a turbine lights one light bulb
    at 1 meter per second wind, it lights 8 at 2 meters per second.

Wind Tulips - Flower Turbines LLC.

The essential technology is aerodynamic, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics and other innovations. We combine aerodynamics and industrial design to make beautiful small vertical axis wind turbines that start at low speeds.

In-Pipe Hydroelectric - Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric LLC.

We turn the excess pressure in piping systems into mechanical and then into electrical energy at high efficiency.

Leviathan Wind Energizer LLC.

Leviathan Energy, using aerodynamics modeling, has developed a unique passive structure that can be adapted to any large wind turbine from any manufacturer. Leviathan’s technology significantly increases the power output of existing wind turbines by cleverly directing the surrounding wind flow to the critical area of the blades by designing a unique structure near each turbine.

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Wave Energy

(The technology is in the developmental stage.) Leviathan has developed patented technologies that can release the potential of wave energy 4-5 times more cost-effectively than existing solutions being offered on the market. This market could potentially be more lucrative than wind as all other existing solutions are not very effective and the potential has hardly been tapped.

Underwater Currents - Pioneer Valley Renewables LLC.

(The technology is in the developmental stage.) Pioneer Valley Renewables LLC uses two complementary patents to make improvements in the effectiveness of underwater turbines of 50-300%, depending on the size. The market is for what is called “hydrokinetic” power, which includes both rivers and tides. The technology has already been confirmed theoretically by US Navy engineers.

Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

(The technology is in the developmental stage.) This takes the same technology as for underwater turbines and applies it to wind. The main product will be a ten-meter blade diameter horizontal axis turbine with capacity of 50 kilowatt. Other turbines of the same size can only produce around 20 kilowatt. This is an important breakthrough for intermediate size wind turbines as it may make their cost per kilowatt equivalent to large wind turbines.