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Leviathan Wind Energizer LLC.

Leviathan’s new technology for aerodynamically enhancing wind flow to turbines enabled the development of the Wind Energizer™. This passive device increases both average power and revenues by around 20 to 40% of all large wind turbines.

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  • It reduced the cut-in speed by 1.2 m/s.
  • The Wind Energizer changes the world’s wind map, making millions of new square kilometers available for wind farms.
  • Won 3rd place in Israel Cleantech Open 2010
  • Reviewed by GE: “potentially a game-changing product”
  • Cover article in Windtech


Percentage Effect

Months of data and thousands of data points give conclusive proof of its effectiveness on a small scale. In one 20 hour period of slow wind, it caused an increase in power of 156%. Its effectiveness increases at lower wind speeds.



Reduction of Wind Stress

Computer Modeling showing wind velocity speeding up (red) due to Wind Energizer (blue)


Result: More uniform wind speed; neutralizes effect of higher speeds from elevation


The Gearbox

  • tableReduces turbine wear and maintenance – balances the usual distribution of higher velocity at the top of the blades and the resultant wobble. The Wind Energizer makes the speed more uniform in the area of the blades.
  • The value is hundreds of thousands of dollars in preventing gearbox replacement every five years and blade fatigue. 1 gearbox=$500,000



  • Large increase in power
  • Shifts power curve and lowers cut-in speed, fewer starts and stops
  • Less stress on turbine, especially gearbox
  • Enables wider geographic distribution (lower transmission costs and more wind in grid)
  • At maximum rated speed, there is still a benefit from stabilizing the upstream wind
  • Enhances output of already connected turbinesquick increase in renewable energy.
    Can be retrofit to any turbine
  • Opens new approach to wind farm optimization