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Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

(The technology is in the developmental stage.) This takes the same technology as for underwater turbines and applies it to wind. The main product will be a ten-meter blade diameter horizontal axis turbine with capacity of 50 kilowatt. Other turbines of the same size can only produce around 20 kilowatt. This is an important breakthrough for intermediate size wind turbines as it may make their cost per kilowatt equivalent to large wind turbines.

Our goal is to use the patents in fluid dynamics to improve the cost-effectiveness of small and intermediate size horizontal axis wind turbines (starting with 1-10 meter blade diameter, up to 50 kw) by over 150% for the following markets in locations where one doesn’t require the quiet of a vertical axis turbine:

  • Areas where large wind farms are not practical
  • Villages in undeveloped countries
  • Farmers who want to own their electricity either for grid or non-grid use

The technology is the same as the hydrokinetic technology but applied to wind.